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Os presento a Senua e Illidan los michis más lindos pero más revoltosos.

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#introduction Hey Mastodon people! I'm a pixel artist mainly focused on character art. I'm glad to be here!

goodnight (significa buenas noches en catalán)

I'm playing Burnout 3 these days and omg is so cool

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Oh hi! I guess I should do an #introduction

I'm Lauren, I'm a Canadian artist who works at a small game studio. I love plants, cats, and Dungeons and Dragons, and I also love to draw all those things. Give me a follow if you like my art, and don't mind a wildly inconstant posting schedule! #MastoArt

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This network was founded by people of many nations, on the principle that vriska is clearly the best homestuck character

#feditips #fedifacts

I just made my first drawing, later I'll clean it in digital hehe

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